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The Gay Man has been marginalized since time immemorial. Gay Bashing, though common and notoriously crude is not the biggest of this group’s problems. How I see it is that Gayism will always be considered second fiddle for all times, judging from the past happenings, since the days before Christ(bless Him). Call it human nature, the world, homophobia, genetic dysfunction, antisocial or plain dumb but we should accept that the World will always have a majority Heterosexual thus homosexuals will be considered an ‘extra’ people.

Gay Movie Reviews has seen this disparity among the Queer community world wide and has deemed it necessary to support the Homosexual community. The most effective way to do this is knowledge. It is obvious by now that Gay folks are often away from their kind, hence during their teenage years they end up engaging in all manner of activities in a bid to discover themselves. Fortunately some of us made it without permanent scars but there are those of us who weren’t as fortunate and end up scared for life.

Gay Movie Reviews is an organization that tries to mitigate such issues from happening and statistics have shown that most people fall into such ditches due to lack of knowledge. Most of the community is ignorant of what exactly Gay is, thus they end up associating it with all kinds of immoral behavior instead of the burning love that it develops.

One very important way of supplying such information is availing Gay-themed movies to all in the Gay community. Just as Hollywood actors were the first to step on the moon paving way to Neil Armstrong, is the first of it’s kind to provide Gay movies to all. Especially in the developing worlds this is much needed. So here goes get to browse through our database of movies and download whichever you want. ciao…..