Love Patient

Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

….a hilariously romantic movie. Successful Paul Love-patient-225x300.jpg(Benjamin Lutz is a hopeless romantic still hung up on his ex-boyfriend, Brad (John Werskey). He devises a plan to lure Brad back to his side away from Ted (Jackson palmer).

Faking a medical report explaining a life-threatening cancer case hoping to re-ignite passion in his ex, results in a string of unexpected occurrences. His mother jumps into his life to offer medical help and strings his snoopy sister too, complicating his life further.


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Kinky Boots

Gay Comedy, gay high school, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

A fabulous Broadway sensational musical featuringkinky-boots.jpg the
Grammy winning star Cyndi Lauper. Creative, colorful, musical and completely theatrical.

The musical keeps you engaged all through the show and gives Glee a good run for their money.


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Naked as we Came

gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

… following a dysfunctional family in the ebb of naked-as-we-came-270228l-212x300.jpgtheir existence. The mother, Lily, of two,  Elliot and Laura is on her death bed in a distant family home when she summons her two distant children.

She refuses to go to hospital and seeks to bridge the family after years of silence. The family has to crack open their secrets and divulge to their own. Unknown to all of them their ailing mother’s visitor has some secrets of his own some involving the handsome Elliot.


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Just One Time

Gay Comedy, gay family drama, gay teenage movie

….ordinary couple seeking to spice up their marriage. Just-one-time-168x300.jpgThe sultry looking fireman pleads with his wife to bring in another lady to their bed, only to settle for the same reciprocation.

The fiancée seeks out a new lesbian friend of hers and later gets a gay man to participate in their threesome. Their relationship gets very complicated as they start to uncover their innermost desires. A comical movie that will leave your ribs crushed!


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Hedwig and the angry inch

gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie

….musical yet comical movie. Popular for garnering Hedwig-and-the-angry-inch-200x300.jpgthe Best Director and Audience award at the Sundance Film Festival. It follows the life of a Gay singer hailing from East Germany chasing after his Gay lover.

Having undergone a failed vaginoplasty surgery for the sole purpose of passing by as his boyfriend’s girlfriend. He tours the US telling his life story all the while searching for his evasive lover who stole her songs


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Almost Normal

gay family drama, gay high school, gay teenage movie

Brad Jenkins is a forty year old Gay college professor.Almost Normal.jpg He has suffered from being different all his life and now in his midlife, he suffers from loneliness.

After a hearty argument with his mother he rushes out swearing and cursing and into an accident; surprisingly he journeys to his high school days
where reality has been distorted and Gay is the new normal. Dating his crush, a football jock, he doesn’t wish for anything more until he starts falling for a girl.


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Aleksandra’s Price

Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

sad life of Aleksandr Ivanov In the streets of Price.jpgNew
York. Ivanov, played by Pau Maso, illegally makes his way to New York after the death of his family.

He attempts to make a living for himself by delving into the sex trade industry of the city.

The movie displays the drug abuse by the sex workers along with mental disorders suffered by the participants……


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Mr. Right

Gay Comedy, gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

In pursuit of Love and the elusive Mr Right, the story of six Gay Mr Right.jpgmen is laid out. Tom lives with his very handsome Lars, a boy toy of sorts who he prefers calling ‘househusband’ against his friends’ better judgment meanwhile Lars gets by as cocky as ever.

William a rugby player and also single father to an adorable nine year old struggles with creating a stable Gay family and introducing his latest catch William, an actor.

Harry, a producer dates the all-time insecure Alex also an aspiring actor who feels out of place with the celebrities in the group. On the outskirts of the friends we are introduces Louise dating Paul from an online platform to complete the maze of complexity; that is searching for Mr. Right.

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Noah’s ark Jumping Broom

black gay movie, Gay Comedy, gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie

a group of Gay and very close friends.Noahs Ark.jpg It comes as third and last of the Noah’s ark sequel, season one and two preceding it and garnering a lot of awards and publicity.

The movie is where the legendary Noah and Wade finally ties the knot in the dreamy Martha’s Vineyard. Despite their long relation and oncoming wedding, they face a challenge in form of the unexpected arrival of rapper Baby Gat, threatening to destroy them……


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Ausente (Absent)

Gay Comedy, gay high school, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

Set out in a high school, the filmAusente.jpg follows a
growing relationship between a teacher and a teenage student. Martin, a student, harbors romantic desires towards his sports coach.

Against his better judgment he pursues his desires and attempts to corner the object of his affection.

Twists and turns changes their relations on a whirlwind with a mixture of feelings and desires.


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