Paris is Burning

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A riveting, revolutionary film set up to show case the 1980’s period of oppression and Paris is Burningdiscrimination plaguing vulnerable communities in society.

The documentary brings to the table the mals that face the Gay community and trans-sexual community. It also touches on the African-American and Latino communities along with the New York Ball Culture of the period.






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Directed by Nigel Finch, produced by Christine Vachon. The homosexual film follows the Stonewalllife of a young man named Matty Dean who travels to New York, Greenwich Village. He quickly befriends a group of sex workers, most peculiar about them is that they are cross dressers.

Closest of his new friends are La Miranda and her friends and soon enough they are arrested. ‘Bostonia’ comes into the scene as the African-American ‘mother’ of the queens hanging out at stonewall, as their bailer. The web thickens with Bostonia’s secret lover, Vinnie, who happens to be a closeted Mafioso running stonewall.

The tale of the cross dressing crew develops with intrigues; some coming out as gay, others exposing their cross dressing selves up until the bizarre and unexpected suicide by Vinnie after confessing his love for Bostonia.



Noah’s ark Jumping Broom

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a group of Gay and very close friends.Noahs Ark.jpg It comes as third and last of the Noah’s ark sequel, season one and two preceding it and garnering a lot of awards and publicity.

The movie is where the legendary Noah and Wade finally ties the knot in the dreamy Martha’s Vineyard. Despite their long relation and oncoming wedding, they face a challenge in form of the unexpected arrival of rapper Baby Gat, threatening to destroy them……


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The Skinny

black gay movie, gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

An American comedy-drama from the creator of the all-time successful the-skinnyNoah’s Arc Based on the life of a young black gay medical student with his boyfriend, Ryan (Dustin Ross).  Magnus’s Brown University friends join him in New York for the Gay Pride for a weekend, unleashing a myriad of activities.

As we see in the movie, the friends that visit are as unique as they come spicing the film, a lesbian Yale PHD student, gay-porn actor, innocent & child-like Sebastian, spoilt by rich parents….the list goes on. The movie couldn’t be more captivating, earning its place in the list of gay-themed comedy-drama Movies.


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Leave it on The Floor

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A Sheldon Larry production set out in our modern day Gay World, Layout 1specifically in the heart of Los Angeles. The movie is a balance of all that is colourful and glamourous about the Gay world.

This Gay-themed Movie has outdone expectations everywhere; following the life of a young black Gay man strugling to make a living in a world filled with judgment and cruelty, he soon finds his salvation in a group of Gays wh have formed a family together.

The Movie is dotted with musicals and it does them justice! The dances, vocals, fashion-shows are to die for. It begs a seat back and pop-corns to enjoy the show.


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Finding me

black gay movie, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

A Gay-themed drama film by Roger S Omeus Jr. The movie follows the life Finding meof a young black Gay man of Haitian decent in the streets of Jersey City, Faybien.

He live with his homophobic father and at the same time grieving the death of his mother who just passed away. Fabyien suffers low self-esteem due to his family dysfunction and even more with his dead end job. He lives on in the streets and befriends gay and bisexual friends.

The movie clearly shows the development of a young Gay man fresh from school trying to make a living on a society/background that is so homophobic.


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