Straight Story

Gay Comedy, gay family drama

The creative homosexual movie is directed by Vladimiros Kyriakidis. This has proven to Straight Storybe a one of a kind gay comedy movie set out in Greece, majorly Greek speaking. The movie is set out in a plane and reality where being Gay is considered normal and heterosexual couples and individuals are gnawed upon.

The comedy film features a love story where a handsome young man, Yannis falls madly in love with the beautiful Sofia. Funny part comes in when Yannis’ father, Stephanos is Gay and living with his long time husband Petro, both of whom have always assumed that Yannis is also Gay.

Sofia, despite being bisexual, has never had a heterosexual relationship and all of her gay ones last too short a time. This issues added to an ex to Sofia who doesn’t appreciate being replaced by a man, result in a hilarious homosexual movie.


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The Art of Being Straight

Gay Comedy, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

Written and Directed by the talented Jesse Rosen. Jesse shows his prowess in comical and art of being straightdramatic production. The gay film sets a high bar from the very first time you hear of it, art of being straight.

The film follows the happening in the life of a young, good-looking man by the name, John. Aspiring to be a professional photographer, John nurtures dreams of greatness and success. He breaks up with his long-time girlfriend and rushes out to Los Angeles to start afresh.

He meets old friends and soon lands an entry-level job at an ad agency firm, and his troubles begin. Before he knows it, he is spiraling out of control. And finds himself questioning his sexuality after ending up in Paul’s bed,



I Love you Philip Morris

Gay Comedy, Gay in prison, Gay Romantic Movie

Written and directed by the award winning tag team of John Requa and Glenn Ficarra.i_love_you_phillip_morris The gay themed film is fiercely romantic and features two individuals who found love in the most unlikely of places. Jay Rusell, Jim Carrey, engages in conning to liven his boring life.

His con-man stint got him arrested and imprisoned. He meets Philip Morris and the two fall deeply in love, swearing that nothing would ever come between them. Moriss’ sentence ends and leaves his new love imprisoned. Russell plans and executes three prison escapes to be with his lover in a daring attempt that’s filled with intrigue and adventure.


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Dorian Blues

Gay Comedy, gay high school, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

Dorian Lagatos is a High school senior who finally dorian-bluesdiscovers his sexual orientation. He goes ahead to find a Gay lover from his local area and struggles to come to terms with it.

He is mostly concerned with the reaction from his hetero-normative and argumentative father and quarterback brother to his Gayism. Dorian Blues is a gay-themed movies depicting the trauma endured by gay men coming out to their family.

From being kicked out by his father to his brother ‘teaching’ him how to be a ‘real man’ by offering a prostitute. A real life Gay story.


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As Good As it Gets

Gay Comedy, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

Written and produced by James L. Brooks.


The romantic and

comical gay themed film is set out at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and New Orleans Museum of Art. Three unlikely and unrelated individuals meet and immediately a relationship is commenced.

Melvin, a gay novelist working from home, a superstitious obsessively clean gay man. When Melvin falls ill, the neighbour Simon Bishop takes over his charges back at home. A familiar bond is made that brings the two closer than ever. And so the story goes that an author, a gay artist and a single mother cum waitress become the best of friends.


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Gay and HIV AIDS, Gay Comedy, gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

A Gay Romantic film writen by Paul Rudnick and directed by Christopher Ashley. The story follows the life of a young Gay man lives in Manhattan pursuing his career. Jeffrey, the young man swears off sexual activities owing to the high prevalence of HIV/ AIDS at the time. Jeffrey

He focuses all his energy onto his career, engaging in celibacy. He soon meets Steve, a handsome, attractive man who is HIV+. He is thrown into a dilemma of choosing love and the fear of inevitable death of his new found love. He is afraid of loosing his would-be Mr. Right to death.



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Get your Stuff

Gay Comedy, gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie
 A Max Mitchell directed and written gay themed movie. A Dramatic, hilarious and very modern movie it is. The gay family drama film follows the lives of a gay couple who want to add one to their family unit via adoption. A happy professional couple; a gay couples counselor, Phil and a Lawyer, Eric decide to engage a caseworker to start the process of adoption.get-your-stuff-215x300.jpg

They try out their hand at a set of troublesome brothers so as to prepare themselves of the future responsibilities. This unexpectedly strains their relationship and they struggle to keep their home afloat. Complications kick in when the boys’ alcoholic mother comes back demanding to reclaim her children.




Chicken Tikka Masala

Gay Comedy, gay family drama, gay themed movie

A Harmage Kalirai directed gay movie of Indian Decent. The movie’s gay theme follows the social structure of an Indian family and their expectation for their son. The gay movie is comical and hilariously set to bring out an un-foreseen a gay angle in an otherwise traditional family. Asian Jimi is from such a family with overbearing parents obsessed with seeing to their family’s prosperity.chicken-tikka-masala-221x300

A sequence of occurrences leads to his parents arranging an arranged union with a childhood family friend’s daughter. He is ambushed over the dinner table with the news of his impending marriage. He seeks to come out of the closet and purposes to come clean on his wedding day. Jack, his boyfriend, is supportive and his motivation to come out and go against the grain.



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Just One Time

Gay Comedy, gay family drama, gay teenage movie

….ordinary couple seeking to spice up their marriage. Just-one-time-168x300.jpgThe sultry looking fireman pleads with his wife to bring in another lady to their bed, only to settle for the same reciprocation.

The fiancée seeks out a new lesbian friend of hers and later gets a gay man to participate in their threesome. Their relationship gets very complicated as they start to uncover their innermost desires. A comical movie that will leave your ribs crushed!


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