gay high school, gay teenage movie

Written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell a romantic gay film set out in New York. Short BusThe film follows a group of New Yorkers, composed of a sexually diverse crowd who are struggling to sexually define themselves.

They converge at an underground Brooklyn salon, with an artistic/sexual theme to it inspired by past salons in New York a decade before. The group is sexually curious and the film vividly depicts their sexual exploits, explicit as they are.

A very interesting Gay-themed movie, eye-opening and informative.





Summer Storm

gay family drama, gay high school, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

Written by Thomas Bahmann and directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner; summer storm is a Summer Stormcomical Gay-drama film, following a Gay teenage love affair. Rowing teams are set to go on a week-long training before a competition. The all-boys team is elated at the news of an all-girl team joining the training, only for them to cancel at the last day.

A replacement team replaces them ‘Queerschlag’(Queerstrokes) an proud, openly gay team. Interactions with the all-gay boy team brings to surface deep seated feelings in Tobi, who has been closeted and nursing a crush on one of his teammates, Achim. The training turns out to be a time for self-reflection and discovery for some of the team members, more than they bargained for.



Dorian Blues

Gay Comedy, gay high school, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

Dorian Lagatos is a High school senior who finally dorian-bluesdiscovers his sexual orientation. He goes ahead to find a Gay lover from his local area and struggles to come to terms with it.

He is mostly concerned with the reaction from his hetero-normative and argumentative father and quarterback brother to his Gayism. Dorian Blues is a gay-themed movies depicting the trauma endured by gay men coming out to their family.

From being kicked out by his father to his brother ‘teaching’ him how to be a ‘real man’ by offering a prostitute. A real life Gay story.


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Eternal Summer

gay high school, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

Directed and produced by Leste Chen, this Taiwanese Gay themed movie follows the full life of two young boys who grow unexpectedly too close to each other. It starts off in school when Jonathan was asked to look over the troublesome classmate Shane. The two develop a relationship that lasts for the next ten years despite their different specialization; Jonathan into academics and Shane getting to professional basketball.eternal-summer-215x300

Later in their lives a girl struts into their lives from Hong Kong to join their school. Carrie takes a keen interest into Jonathan and finds a way to get them alone in a hotel room on a secret day-trip. She seduces him and realizes that he has feelings for another, Shane and might just be gay. The three are intertwined into a love affair one made more complex by Jonathan’s gay feeling and sexual identity crisis, Carrie and Shane’s secret romance. The movie unravels leaving bare their feelings and secret desires.


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Going Down La La Land

gay high school, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

Written and directed by Casper Andreas and Andy Zeffer. This Gay themed movie is set in the high status life of Hollywood actors. The movie follows the life story of a young handsome gay man who harbours high life ambitions. Adam lives in New York and decides to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream to be a movie star. He moves in with the lovely and ever dramatic Candy, a struggling artist always looking for the next wealthy boyfriend.going-down-la-la-land-208x300

Trouble starts when Adam can’t get a decent job and ends up working at a desk picking calls for a company that shoots Gay pornography. His life gets more complex when Candy’s boyfriend leaves and stops supporting Candy and financial constraints get too real. He is convinced into taking up a shoot in one of the sex scenes. So goes the story down into La-La Land. Dramatic, funny and incredibly romantic.


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Cut-Sleeve Boys

gay high school, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

A Ray Yeung’s masterpiece surfaces the self-reflection experienced by most of us in their mid-life. The gay themed movie depicts two Gay men of Chinese and American origin. The gay theme starts out as Mel and Ash attend an old Gay mutual friend’s, Gavin, burial. Having led a colourful and carefree gay life the friends realized they had nothing much to show for it all, no family nor long-time friends. cut-sleeve-boys-203x300

The two gay friends realize they had one less friend alive. Their gay mid-life crisis deepens when the two friend hear of Gavin’s secrets from his undercover gay life. The two are drowned into self-reflection and seek out some kind of meaning. Mel grows insecure of his plastic surgery to maintain his looks and starts sleeping with every gay man he meets, Ash turns the tables and tries out life as a transvestite to lure his own knight in shining armor.


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Almost Normal

gay family drama, gay high school, gay teenage movie

Brad Jenkins is a forty year old Gay college professor.Almost Normal.jpg He has suffered from being different all his life and now in his midlife, he suffers from loneliness.

After a hearty argument with his mother he rushes out swearing and cursing and into an accident; surprisingly he journeys to his high school days
where reality has been distorted and Gay is the new normal. Dating his crush, a football jock, he doesn’t wish for anything more until he starts falling for a girl.


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Ausente (Absent)

Gay Comedy, gay high school, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

Set out in a high school, the filmAusente.jpg follows a
growing relationship between a teacher and a teenage student. Martin, a student, harbors romantic desires towards his sports coach.

Against his better judgment he pursues his desires and attempts to corner the object of his affection.

Twists and turns changes their relations on a whirlwind with a mixture of feelings and desires.


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Another Gay Sequel

gay high school, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

The sequel to the hugely successful Another GayAnother-Gay-Sequel-197x300 Movie.

The four friends: Andy, Jarod, Griff, and Nico are ones again at it, this time meeting in college; freer, livelier and more self-assured than ever.

The four Gay young men enter a contest dubbed ‘Gays Gone Wild’ over the spring break vacation, where the winner would be……

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