Gods and Monsters

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Directed by the renowned Bill Condon. The gay themed movie is set at a peculiar time, notorious for homophobia and violence against gays. The movie is set in the period after the First World War. James Whale, has retired from his directing job in Hollywood where he stood out as an openly gay man in the film industry. Popular for directing Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, he retires with his long-time house help, Hanna, who doesn’t approve of his sexual orientation.gods-and-monsters-191x300

Whale reminisces of his past and relives his life from his poor childhood through his service in the army to his glorious days in gay pool parties. He shifts his focus onto his younger gardener, Boone, a former marine. Their relationship is complex and metamorphoses uncontrollably. Their relationship in marred by nude sketches late night and ends in a scene in a pool. Enigmatic movie.



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Head on

gay military movie, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

….due to its raw display of nudity and explicit scenes. Head on.jpgHailed as one of the realest gay-themed movies ever produced…..

The 19 year old, Alex Dimitriades, goes through the all too common experience with                   numerous heterosexual partners including one very squeamish experience. Fast-paced, intriguing and captivating this gay-themed movie will leave you on your wits….


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Dog Tags

gay military movie, gay themed movie

A Damion Dietz gay themed film popular for show-casing the military ruleDog-tags-210x300 of “Don’t ask don’t tell”. Nate Merritt is a troubled soul abandoned as a child by his father and stuck in a seemingly bad relationship.

He decides to join the marines to support his fiancée and mother. He has it all figured out until he meets Andy Forte. He is taken through a self-discovering rollercoaster by the free-spirited Gay Guy and ultimately to the truth behind his father’s disappearance.


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