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Directed by Nigel Finch, produced by Christine Vachon. The homosexual film follows the Stonewalllife of a young man named Matty Dean who travels to New York, Greenwich Village. He quickly befriends a group of sex workers, most peculiar about them is that they are cross dressers.

Closest of his new friends are La Miranda and her friends and soon enough they are arrested. ‘Bostonia’ comes into the scene as the African-American ‘mother’ of the queens hanging out at stonewall, as their bailer. The web thickens with Bostonia’s secret lover, Vinnie, who happens to be a closeted Mafioso running stonewall.

The tale of the cross dressing crew develops with intrigues; some coming out as gay, others exposing their cross dressing selves up until the bizarre and unexpected suicide by Vinnie after confessing his love for Bostonia.




Long-term Relationship

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Written and Directed by the talented Rob Williams the comical, romantic gay themed Long-term relationshipfilm unfolds innocently to reveal a dream come true, true love. Starts off typically when Adam and Glenn meet through an ad on the newspaper fostered by roommate Vincent.

From the first meeting the two are set on a romantic path fit for star-crossed lovers. The two wind down into the unchartered waters of love, waves start hitting their boat when their differences set in.



The Houseboy

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Written and Directed by Spencer Schilly. A riveting Gay-themed Dramatic and romantic The Houseboymovie, breaks the norm of old, boring gay themed flicks. The film features the life of cute young man in his twenties, ambition-less, Ricky doesn’t aspire to be much in life.

He meets a Gay couple and enjoys his time playing their cute little ‘Boy-Toy’ he soon becomes part of the Gay family. Suddenly his world is crushed when he overhears his favorite couple planning on replacing him, distraught he gets too sad, and develops suicidal thoughts.

Passionless, purposeless and alone he is ready to end his life when he bumps into Blake and all his best laid plans are disarranged..


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Coffee Date

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Written and Directed by Stewart Wade, Coffee Date has rocked enough to make it to one of the highlighted gay movies on this list. Hilarious gay movies as these are a gem and bring forth the intricate details with which Gays live in our society. The gay movie follows the story of two brothers and a random gay man. Tod and Barry are brothers loving and caring for each other, it all starts off when Barry gets worried of his brother’s loveless life.


He intervenes to organize a dating joke on him, he engages a confident gay man, Kelly to pose as a girl and go out with his brother. Todd goes out confidently only to discover the nicely crafted ruse, he decides to play along and catch Barry in his own web. Todd and the new gay man ‘partner’ start hanging out in front of Barry and the mother. Unknown to them their fondness was growing a little too much until everyone including Todd started doubting his gay status and sexuality.



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God Loves Uganda


A Roger Ross Williams film premiered at the 2013  Sundance God-loves-UgandaFilm Festival. Inspired by the LGBT human rights activist David Kato who was killed in 2011.

The movie follows the effects of religious radicalization that has fueled homophobia in Uganda. The documentary follows the effects of anti-gay religious activism fueled by sponsors within religious factions from northern America.

This is a rare peek into the cruel world that the Homosexuals in Africa live in. See a similar movie of Call me Kuchu.


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Holding Trevor


A Rosser Goodman Gay-themed American romantic drama Holding-Trevor.jpgwritten by the star actor Brent Gorski as Trevor. The movie follows the story of a young, beautiful and intelligent Trevor who is stuck in an extremely unhealthy relationship to Darrell (Christopher Wyllie) who is a heroin-addict.

He finds comfort in the Los Angeles night life of parties. He soon meets a medical intern, Ephraim, who rekindles his life and seeks to better his life, including rectifying his relationship with his roommates. Intriguing, dramatic and thoroughly captivating.


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Private Romeo


An Alan Brown film adaptation of the world famous Shakespeare Private-Romeoplay Romeo and Juliet. Now in a Gay scene, imagine a Gay Romeo and Juliet. Set out in an all-male Military school with teenage boys re-enacting the world famous play.

Think of a musical without the singing, perfect acting, I at some point expected it to be boring but alas! This is a very good production. A Gay love story develops between two of the boys complete with the drama associated with the Romeo and Juliet play.


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Dream Boy


A James Bolton Gay-Themed Romantic drama film featuring Dream-Boy-Gay-movieStephan Bender (Nathan) and Maximillian Roeg (Roy). Set out in an old Louisiana setting the dramatic Gay movie follows the lives of the two as they uncover their Gay love. Roy is a little older and works as a High-school bus driver and Nathan is the new quiet student.

They romantically start helping each other out at home with their homework and work. Their night lessons quickly turn passionate and we are taken through a series of random love making, in the woods, bus, barn etc….Nathan has a complicated relationship with his father, and mother is smelling a rat. Get the full movie to follow the romantic development of Teenage Gay love.


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Bedroom and Hallways


A Rose Troche production following the life of a 30-year old Gay man, Leo. Bedrooms-and-HallwaysHe’s disappointed in himself so far and a surprise party doesn’t help him cheer-up.

He joins an all-man group, where he announces his being gay; he goes ahead to announce his liking for one of the members of the group, who happens to be straight and married. The movie follows his warped up world and attempts to make sense of his life.


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Edge of Seventeen


A David Moreton movie set out in Sandusky Ohio. The movieedge-of-17 follows the life of a young teenager as he tries to make sense of his life and his sexuality. Obsessed and musically driven Eric is vivacious and outgoing focused on enjoying his life the best way he knows how.

He and his friend Maggie take on summer jobs and are suddenly in a long unprecedented journey, first marked by their lesbian boss, Angie! Enjoy……


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