Brokebark Mountain

gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

Directed by Ange Lee adapted from a short story from 1997 by Annie Proulx. The gay themed movie garnered the Golden Lion and Venice Film Festival awards among other. It has been highly commended as one of the most sought after Gay Movie. It follows the intricate details of a complex emotional and sexual relationship between Ennis and Jack. It starts when Ennis and Jack get a job as sheep herders by a Joe in the Wyoming Mountain.

One night after a drinking spree Jack makes a move at Ennis who plays along and a gay spark is initiated. Slowly they develop a gay emotional and sexual relationship dotted with fights and passion. brokebark-mountain-202x300Their summer is cut short and they part ways regretfully, Ennis goes off and marries, Jack comes back the following summer but Joe denies his work request having seen the two on the mountain previously. The two secret gay men in relationships have their marriage lives wane out of existence and in bitter divorce.

Seeking out temporary gay escorts and meaningless gay relationships seems their new norm. They seem to want to reach out to each other even in their lost state. A little nudging from Jack and an on and off relationship is developed with the two meeting for gay escapades regularly. The two star crossed gay lovers find their forked paths when Ennis receives a post card he had sent to Jack stamped ‘DECEASED’.


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Cut-Sleeve Boys

gay high school, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

A Ray Yeung’s masterpiece surfaces the self-reflection experienced by most of us in their mid-life. The gay themed movie depicts two Gay men of Chinese and American origin. The gay theme starts out as Mel and Ash attend an old Gay mutual friend’s, Gavin, burial. Having led a colourful and carefree gay life the friends realized they had nothing much to show for it all, no family nor long-time friends. cut-sleeve-boys-203x300

The two gay friends realize they had one less friend alive. Their gay mid-life crisis deepens when the two friend hear of Gavin’s secrets from his undercover gay life. The two are drowned into self-reflection and seek out some kind of meaning. Mel grows insecure of his plastic surgery to maintain his looks and starts sleeping with every gay man he meets, Ash turns the tables and tries out life as a transvestite to lure his own knight in shining armor.


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Eternal Summer

Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

Directed and produced by Leste Chen, this Taiwanese Gay themed movie follows the full life of two young boys who grow unexpectedly too close to each other. It starts off in school when Jonathan was asked to look over the troublesome classmate Shane. The two develop a relationship that lasts for the next ten years despite their different specialization; Jonathan into academics and Shane getting to professional basketball. eternal-summer-215x300

Later in their lives a girl struts into their lives from Hong Kong to join their school. Carrie takes a keen interest into Jonathan and finds a way to get them alone in a hotel room on a secret day-trip. She seduces him and realizes that he has feelings for another, Shane and might just be gay. The three are intertwined into a love affair one made more complex by Jonathan’s gay feeling and sexual identity crisis, Carrie and Shane’s secret romance. The movie unravels leaving bare their feelings and secret desires.


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Gods and Monsters

gay family drama, gay military movie, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

Directed by the renowned Bill Condon. The gay themed movie is set at a peculiar time, notorious for homophobia and violence against gays. The movie is set in the period after the First World War. James Whale, has retired from his directing job in Hollywood where he stood out as an openly gay man in the film industry. Popular for directing Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, he retires with his long-time house help, Hanna, who doesn’t approve of his sexual orientation.gods-and-monsters-191x300

Whale reminisces of his past and relives his life from his poor childhood through his service in the army to his glorious days in gay pool parties. He shifts his focus onto his younger gardener, Boone, a former marine. Their relationship is complex and metamorphoses uncontrollably. Their relationship in marred by nude sketches late night and ends in a scene in a pool. Enigmatic movie.



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Get your Stuff

Gay Comedy, gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie
 A Max Mitchell directed and written gay themed movie. A Dramatic, hilarious and very modern movie it is. The gay family drama film follows the lives of a gay couple who want to add one to their family unit via adoption. A happy professional couple; a gay couples counselor, Phil and a Lawyer, Eric decide to engage a caseworker to start the process of adoption.get-your-stuff-215x300.jpg

They try out their hand at a set of troublesome brothers so as to prepare themselves of the future responsibilities. This unexpectedly strains their relationship and they struggle to keep their home afloat. Complications kick in when the boys’ alcoholic mother comes back demanding to reclaim her children.





Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

Directed by Todd Verow, Frisk as a gay themed movie proves to not fall in the ‘general’ section. The movie has proved to be one of a kind with the theme cutting too close to obscene scenes. The gay themed movie is of a disturbed individual narrating his own life, struggling with different desires within himself.frisk-212x300

He seeks thrills and finds them in the most sadistic means possible, killing his mostly gay victims. He develops a relationship and in its most intimate form kills his lovers in a twisted fantasy to get close to them. Gory scenes and drugged out hunks being sodomized, tied up and killed highlighted in the film has earned it a blacklist status in the UK.



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End Game

gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie

A powerful gay themed movie written and directed by Gary Wicks. The movie goes by the social rule ‘Sex is Currency’ Tom is dragged into a world of sex and narcotics. He finds himself helpless under the stewardship of George Norris, who seems to be a violent sadistic guy valuing nothing but money. Tom is often forced to have gay sex with his narcotic clients lest he crosses Norris off his payment.end-game-207x300

His street gay life turns even more complex as Norris works with local police to foster his business. One cop in particular is Dunston, who proves problematic and savage to Tom. His prayers for freedom come answered when Norris is killed in his house, he run with his neighbours’ help. The chase begins, running from Dunston and his past all the while dealing with his personal battles and sexual identity.



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Far From Heaven

gay family drama, Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

Written and Directed by Todd Haynes the gay themed movie is set in a calm stable 50’s family setting. The Whitakers have everything pertaining to a good life available to them. Cathy is a beautiful wife, mother and homemaker married to a successful executive of a television advertising company. Cathy’s well-knit world begins to crumble when a call to the police station gets through; apparently Frank, her husband, has been exploring a ring of underground gay bars.far-from-heaven-202x300

He admits to her of his confused gay sexuality when caught making out with a gay man in his office. Things get bad when Frank strikes her when he’s unable to make love to her. She spirals and sparks off a relationship with their black gardener Raymond. In a world filled with racism and discrimination the perfect family is rocked to its core. Watch as heartbreak, racism and gayism web into the perfect family.



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Doing in time on Maple Street

Gay Romantic Movie, gay themed movie

A Ken Olin directed movie is intense and runs deep into family feuds. Normal family and home, the movie pulls you into the web of their lives. Acted by the popular Jim Carrey, playing as Tim, the alcoholic deadbeat brother, one of three siblings; Karen and Matt.doing-time-on-maple-street-214x300

Matt comes from his college in hand with his fiancée Allison. He’s later involved in a car crash only to admit while in hospital that it was his suicide attempt caused by his double life due to his being gay and closeted. With his coming out the family breaks apart bringing past issues to the forefront. Lisa, their mother is in denial of the issues affecting her family. Karen is pregnant and is planning to abort in fear of her dysfunctional family, to Tom’s (her husband) dismay.


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Broken Sky

Gay Romantic Movie, gay teenage movie, gay themed movie

A Mexican gay drama film written and directed by Julian Hernandez debuting his career as a gay romance writer. As far as gay love triangles go, Broken Sky has clearly drawn such. Based on the story of three young gay students; Gerardo, Jonas and Sergio. It starts off with Gerardo, a sensitive man deeply in love with long-time boyfriend Jonas. Jonas though seems unpredictable and erratic as he falls in love with a total stranger; they met in a local nightclub and Jonas couldn’t help his infatuation with the stranger.broken-sky-213x300

Gerardo has his heart broken by that move and mourns. He turns to yet another gay friend, Sergio. Sympathetic and understanding he offers Gerardo a shoulder to cry on. Despite the heartbreak Gerardo can’t seem to stop himself from loving the passionate Jonas. Their mutual love seems strong and unending creating gay love triangles.



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